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Bible Reading

We want to be a church that knows God better so that we can enjoy him more.  And we believe he reveals himself and speaks to us through the Bible.  But reading the Bible can be hard.  If you’ve found that or want some help getting going with reading the Bible regularly, you’re in the right place!

The best way to get to know God better and to hear from him is through reading a little bit of the Bible each day.  Below are some resources that will help you to do that, whatever your age or experience of Bible reading.  If you want any more advice with this, just get in touch with Chris or Anna here.

Daily Notes


by The Good Book Company

Daily Bread

by Scripture Union

Both of these resources provide:

  • Engaging, bite-sized, daily Bible-reading notes.
  • Paper and digital subscriptions available.
  • High quality app.
  • Annual subscription for around £20.

Bible Apps

  • The YouVersion Bible App is completely free.
  • Includes an audio Bible.
  • Bible reading plans available.
Bible app

Click here to download for Android.

Click here to download for iOS.

Click here to download for Kindle.

  • Available as an app, podcast, email, website or book.
  • Takes you through the whole Bible in one year, with daily Bible readings and reflections from Nicky Gumbel.
  • Includes read aloud audio for each day’s Bible passage and reflection.

Click here to download for Android.

Click here to download for iOS.

Resources for Families

Having a family devotional is one of the best ways parents can be discipling their children in helping them to develop a love for Jesus and His Word. You may have never done this with your children before – that’s ok! Your children are never too young to start and it’s never too late to begin reading the Bible with your children either.  Some tips to help you get going: 

  • Keep it simple! Don’t try to do anything that is unmanageable or unrealistic… short and simple is great. 
  • Find a time in the day when you and your children will be able to engage best (avoid times when you’re likely to have a lot of other things on your mind!) – During breakfast at the beginning of the day? A family teatime? Or perhaps a cosy story-time and prayer before bed? Whatever works best. 

Please talk with Anna De Castro (our Minister for Children, Youth and Families) or other Christian parents in the church if you’d like some advice about how to get going with this.

There’s a very wide range of Bible-reading resources for children and young people of every age.  The Good Book Company website is a good place to start. Specific recommendations for different ages can be found below.

Resources for Children

For 0–5s, ‘The Beginners Bible’ is a great resource.  You can also use this alongside ‘Beginning with God’, which guides a parent through doing a devotional time using ‘The Beginners Bible’… and it includes stickers, which young ones find exciting!

For 4–11s,  ‘The Jesus Storybook Bible’ is excellent.  Reading a chapter each day with your child is a wonderful and simple way to begin growing a love for God and his word.

For ages 5-11, The Gospel Story Bible is also a fantastic resource to help families see God’s plan of salvation in Jesus unfold from the Bible’s Old and New Testaments, showing how each Bible story points to Jesus. Each Bible story includes a few short discussion questions too! 

For 6s and up, ‘Thoughts To Make Your Heart Sing’ is another fantastic resource from the same author as ‘The Jesus Storybook Bible’.

Resources for Youth

This is a great Bible for young people (11+), including short studies, explanations, tackling tricky questions as well as creative spaces to help young people get in to reading God’s word each day. 

There are also lots of helpful resources for young people to help them develop and enjoy a daily time getting to know God better.  ‘Discover’ (11-13s) and ‘Engage’ (14-18s) notes are really helpful and is a great resource to help your teenager grow in their love for Jesus.