Advent Window Trail Sign Up

What are Advent Windows?

Advent windows are decorated and lit windows that tell the Christmas story. This year, instead of lighting one new window each day through advent, all the windows will be lit each evening from Wednesday 13th to Wednesday 20th December. We ask all hosts to light their window from 4pm onwards. There will be a trail map so that people know where to find the windows. Look out for a Facebook Event hosted by OPC to find the map & more information on each window nearer the time too.

How should I decorate my window?

The most effective windows are quite simple – silhouettes made of dark paper work well, or tissue paper for colour. Feel free to add fairy lights and other decorations to make it look good! Please have a look at some of the example pictures below to get an idea of the design theme we’re hoping for, or have a look on google at ‘tissue paper stained glass’ or ‘advent windows’ for more ideas. Please feel free to make it look as Christmassy and fun as you are able. With the silhouette/tissue paper theme, lighting the window is important too.

Each window host will be allocated a theme. We’ll be in touch to let you know what image we’d like you to make.

As we are not doing the trail as a calendar this year, the windows do not need a number as they did in previous years. Viewers can see the windows in any order.

If you are struggling to find resources for creating your window display, please ask us as we have some tissue paper and other bits available at church.

Will my name and address be published?

The trail map will show the location of your house, but no names or other details will be given.

Does it need to be my whole window? 

All our windows are different aren’t they?! If decorating your whole window will mean you have no natural light for the whole week, then maybe just decorate a section. As long as you can see the display from the street it will be fine. 

If you would like to host a window, please sign up by Monday 6th November.

Any questions?

…send a message through the contact page here and send it to ‘General Enquiry’.